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F*** Google !

Google has just released an online game on the Gaza bombardment .

no comment …….

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If you cheer to the Maidan, you support Nazis ! Must see …..

‘US thinks rules are for inferior nations, it’s in their DNA’ – ex Australian PM …..

Pic of the day : Message from the people of Egypt ……….

The Roar of Freedom ………….

Michael Hastings execution : missile or bomb and Jewish first responders ?

Michael Hastings dies in supposed car crash .

Eyewitness : it sounded like a bomb went off …..



Europe is falling apart ……….

Fake Store Fronts in Belfast to Boost Economy?

WeAreChange goes to Belfast see for themselves the way Northern Ireland has decided to handle the economic hardships in their neighborhoods. Throughout various cities, the Northern Irish government has spent around £2 million on plastering up photos of fake store fronts where businesses once operates. These have been here for over a year but governments in multiple other cities have decided to do the same to put up a false sense of a thriving economy for the G8. This is another example of governments attempting to mask the problems of recession since the bank bailouts instead of actually doing something about it.

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