by MakeupyourownMind

Israel vs Gaza 2009

100% self speaking evidence :

In the pic below the IDF was caught red handed using White Phosphorus over Gaza civilian areas in 2009. A Crime wich resulted in no reaction or action whatever by the UNSC or the western MSM .

i recall something like “Israel is only defending itself”! echoing troughout the MSM

Ok, the collective Human mind usually agrees to the right of defending, but does this really look like defending to you ?

As for now in 2013, there is still no real evidence supporting the use of CWs by Assad troops and video footage of the act itself seems obiously faked and/or previously staged but meanwhile western Main Stream Media and Neocons beating their war drums together against Assad and the 70% of the Syrian People supporting their President. (NATO confirmed the 70%)

MSM echoes : “Bomb Syria, bomb Assad”!

( with that similar “bomb Libya, bomb Gaddafi”  from 2011 still ringing in my ears and that “bomb Iraq, bomb Saddam” echoing in my brain.)

But when it comes to the use of WMDs or CWs by western allies we can only whitness a rather “collective silence to complete denial” strategy by the MSM and their respective political and financial partners .

I begin to wonder for some time now when i watch MSMs reactions and opinions on this kind of issues and the shadows of some Operation Mockingbird crawls once again into my mind .  Just the fact alone unnerves me that over 90% of the MSM is only in a few hands pointing to the suspiscious conclusion that the News on the MSM is in reality no real News but something more like strategic counterpropaganda .

Western MSM downplays facts on Gaza far to often while ranting propaganda against evil dictators in the ME and simultaniously hyping trivial BS (like todays Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber aso.) with the goal to distract and confuse the common peoples opinion on this serious issues.

Get over it, double standarts rule the so called civilized and democratic Politic World and their propaganda outlets for no UNSC was called upon this particulary Crime against Humanity wich took place in Gaza 2009 .

Fact is,: Israel has used white Phosphorus bombs on Gaza Civilian areas in 2009 and got away with it .

btw, Saddam used CWs (provided by the US)  against Iran and got away with it too.

US used DU in Sebia, Iraq and Libya and still gets away with it .


no Truth, no Justice. no Peace !