Israel is only defending itself .LOL

no comment . The New Abu Ghraib 2010

In the Balfour Declaration of 1917 the UK promised Palestine to the Jews .…

and now for years and years People are watching  mostly on Alternative News Channels in a allready pathetic agony this slow Genocide on the Palestine People and the destroying of their Infrastructure.
Pics from a post on ICH (information clearing house blog) are the latest testimony of Violence against Gazans in their 60 years of resistance .
But we’ve allready seen worse ,or ?
haven’t we ?

Look how strong we are . The New Abu Ghraib 2010

With love from Israel .The New Abu Ghraib 2010

The Zionist way: teach them how to kill and hate . The New Abu Ghraib 2010

(Note: You’ll never find this on the Mainstream Media Menu .
the next links are posts from Palestine & Gaza with very strong Images, viewer discretion is advised)

Nov. 2010 : The New Abu Ghraib…

and here

after seeing this, nothing surprises me anymore regarding Israel .

Israel is defending an occupied  Land by waging a genocide against the Palestine people and nobody really seem to care.

A few days ago in Pakistan a Taliban shoots a Girl and the western MSM was all over it .

(She got a flight to London and all the best medical care possible as i recall )

but this happens in Palestine everyday, everyday Palestines get shot by Israeli snipers and soldiers …………

or just beaten

No help for her ?

Meanwhile a lot of People on the western MSM News find quit fashionable lately to report on Killing People everywhere in the World but not on Gaza or Palestine

and this same Mainstream Media who often failed to report about this unfair Conquest (slaughter) is to nobodys surprise more than 80% in zionist/jewish hands.

A blueprint for standart MSM propaganda & comment trolling :

Israel is allways to be painted as the victim while the Palestines are more or less disgraced as “lost cause moneysucking (USA/EU/UN Aid) weaklings”.

and this after 60 years of Palestinian resistance with a shrinking Infrastructure and a high mortality rate on young males .

Palestine Map ( 1948 to 2001) here…

Sorry,but I’m going just to trow up now after i’ve read a latest zionist german MSM post regarding the Israeli response to the Qassam Brigade attacks .

The Zionist Immigration ( Seddler) Factor of Palestine as i recall

Palestines are completly outnumberd because of the ongoing stream of new settlers claiming they own the holy land .

most of those Settlers are paid partly by the Israeli Gov. and they come from everywhere in the World .

now as i recall only some 15% of the Jewish Population is decendend of the Middle East tribes from around Palestine and can therefore rightfully live there .

some 85% of the jewish Population worldwide now are decendants from the mongol Khazarians who radicated in Asia somwhere between Russia and Turkey , Those Khazars adopted Judaism later in 760  a.d.  and were called Ashkanazi Jews .

this so called Settler Jews of Khazarian/Asian origin are therefore in a way common Invaders and occupiers and have little to do with the so called Holy Land dispute .

( Khazarian Empire/eastern Turkey map pic here )


I’m no Anti semite or racist in any way . I like Palestine and their Inhabitants who rightfull should live there and i have nothing against Jews or whatsoever race as long as they live peacefully with their Neighbours ………

but i admire the Palestine People for their fighting spirit and their endurance in their 60 year ongoing Resistance

and i feel kind of sorry for the Jewish Population who finds no peace .