Love is Hate

War is Peace

No is Yes

and we are free…….. ( from the Tracy Chapman song  “Why”)

This is even worst than the Nobel Peace Price for Warpresident Obama .

After the Wars in Yugoslavia,Libia,Afghanistan and lately supporting Terrorists in Syria, this is really a bad Joke .

The EU stands for War not for peace and the Nobel Peace price in should be given to a person not an Institution .(like written in the Will of A.Nobel)

Hypocracy and Wars are the new politics of the so called western democracies so let’s hope the revolution will gain power and drive this madman and women out of office soon. ( Note by mylogicoftruth admin.)

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Jimmy Rogers reacts to the announcement that the Nobel Academy has decided that 2012’s best example of delivering global peace and harmony is – the EU.

Nobel Peace Prize Farce

No word yet whether Angela Merkel has commandeered the $10 million in prize money or if it has already been added to the ESM bailout fund and leveraged 100X to $1 billion.

Spain calling one line 1…

P.S. see how the Germans like A. Merkel here