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Spain Protestors Evict Police Amid Wave Of Brutality

el pueblo unido hamas sera vencido !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spain Protestors Expel Police

In a rare scene during days of unchecked police brutality a crowd of protestors force Spain police to leave a protest against the banker bailout in front of Congress.

If you haven’t been following the Spain protests online it is unlikely that you are aware that the police in Spain have gone on an unchecked spree of violence literally beating everyone that crosses their paths.

Spain Police Beating Everyone: A Warning To America

Spain Police Beating Everyone

This is a much watch video showing clip after clip of an out of control police state running through the streets beating both men and woman old and young.

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This video shows a crowd surrounding the police and walking them out of a protest at the 26s rally.

Live Free or Die writes on Before It’s News:

I do not approve of violence of any kind what so ever unless my life is put in danger, in which case I will use my training to defend myself. Still, isn’t it time that the police understand who they are here to protect and to serve? It certainly isn’t the corrupt bankers, politicians and corporate criminals, is it? My message to ALL police, remember who you are here to protect and serve!