Tel Aviv foto
Tel Aviv foto

Translation of her caption:

“There are no signs saying Do Not Take Photos With the animals on Display. There were no signs saying it’s forbidden to feed them, but this we did not do. With Abuba Buba, Obunga Dobunga, Znbura Buka Caluga Chaka and Sabuba”

[surely NOT their real names]

From my correspondent:

I recall a work day in 2007 on a plot of land belonging to a Palestinian family, on the seam line between Hebron and the Israeli settlement Kiryat Arba. The plot had been illegally seized by settlers, and members of the family were too terrified to try and access their land without solidarity activists. It was interesting to hear some of the verbal abuse coming from settlers. “Go marry a Nig___” was uttered more than once, at some of the women activists.

Many of the commenters on Facebook are now criticizing this woman, after the post had been circulated in left-leaning circles (and religious commenters cannot use Facebook on a Sabbath), but her views are shared by many Israelis, including those who assault Africans here.

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