Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
July 9, 2012

PressTV talked with author and historian, Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley to further discuss the issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: An unwilling opposition that sees regime change as it is the only objective, whatever happened to [the Syrian National Council] SNC’s promises for democracy?

Tarpley: Well, this is a group, the Syrian National Council, so-called, self-styled, of adventurers and international con artists, I guess we would say, who see their lives as a never ending succession of conferences in expensive hotels and they are jetting around the world, from Cairo to Istanbul to Paris, to all of these different meetings and naturally they are carrying out their orders.

The orders coming from NATO, from Hillary Clinton, from [William] Hague, from [Laurent] Fabius and the rest of them don’t have a deal, NATO doesn’t want a peaceful solution of the internal problems of Syria, they want the issue, they want the issue kept alive, they want continuing violence, continuing civil wars, so that they can use it eventually, if the conditions obtain, for an aggression, for coalition of the willing, an armed attack, a no-fly zone followed by regime change.

So there is no surprise that the Syrian National Council carries out the orders of the people who are paying them.

They are a group of foreign puppets who are dedicated to aggression. I would call special attention to the raving remarks by Hillary Clinton. In the past week we’ve heard her say; Russia and China have to be made to pay a heavy price for their refusal to sanction aggression against Syria.

But now over the weekend we have entered a realm of absolute delirium, where Hillary Clinton says “time is running out for Syria to avoid,” and I quote, “a catastrophic assault,” a catastrophic assault which would threaten to destroy the Syrian state.

Now, that is [a] very clear language of threat of force, force and the use of force are frowned on by the UN charter, but here it is and it is also coming from a nuclear state against a non-nuclear state.

It makes everybody wonder what is the purpose of the Non-Proliferation Treaty [NPT], if you can have nuclear states making these bloodcurdling threats to non-nuclear states.

But again, ‘catastrophic assault,’ it sounds like we will reduce you to total chaos, war lords, mini states, macro states, the collapse of civilization. That seems to be what Hillary Clinton is threatening.

Press TV: Now as you said, it does seem that the opposition does not have much of an incentive to put down its arms and talk of peace but this is also blatant disregard of Kofi Annan’s six-point peace plan, now isn’t it? Where does it leave Kofi Annan’s six-point peace plan that was much touted?

Tarpley: Well, I do not want to spend too much time commiserating about the fate of Kofi Annan because I think he was acting really in bad faith the entire time.

This was never designed even from his point of view to bring about peace but rather to create conditions where regime change could be engineered; it is just that the solid front of Russia and China in the Security Council has essentially blocked the path that he would have been happy to take, at least in my view.

We should also look; the danger here is [that] July 2012 could turn into another July about a hundred years ago, July 1914.

We have just had over this weekend two competing naval exercises in the Mediterranean; one is the NATO Standing Maritime Group two, I believe it is, coming from Istanbul and the Bosporus and the Dardanelles in Turkey that is with three frigates, one Turkish, one German, one French, but at the same time the Syrians have held their, rather, wide, large-scale drills both land and sea and what they are drilling was the defense of Syria against an amphibious attack from the eastern Mediterranean, so there is a war scenario developing right there.

We have also got the Turkish army remaining in a, relatively, high alert status all along the Syrian border, we have those rumors of Saudi special forces being allowed to traverse the territory of Jordan, so that they would threaten Syria from the south. So we literally remain poised on the verge of a regional tragedy.

I would also point to Putin’s biennial meeting with the diplomatic corps in Moscow where he tells the diplomats assembled in Moscow, you should be ready for any outcome including the most unfavorable; that is not very rhetorical but think about what the most unfavorable outcome could be.

Press TV: But Dr. Tarpley what does that imply because the SNC [the so-called Syrian National Council] is calling for regime change, the West and its allies are already eyeing a Libyan-style NATO bombardment of Syria and the voice of the Syrians continues to go unheard?

Tarpley: Yes, that is of course true, it seems to be the scenario is likely the one that we have heard about over the last month or so.

It is a Coup d’état, assisted by electronic means; in other words we have these continuing reports that Ben Rhodes in the Obama White House, in the National Security Council has arranged that at a certain point for the CIA and NATO to take over Nile Sat, Arab Sat; kick off the Syrian state television, al-Dunya television and other pro-Syrian television organizations and replace that with completely fake programming, showing the flight of Assad out of the country, the entry of rebel death squad forces into the downtown squares of Damascus and Aleppo and Homs, attacks on the presidential palace and so forth, all fake.

At various sound stages either in Saudi Arabia or in Qatar, so the methods that were used last year in Libya, ‘the Operation Mermaid Dawn’ could now be attempted, so that NATO could then argue that there is an internal Coup d’etat going on and whatever NATO would do at that point would be invited in, by a group claiming to be the government of Syria.

It is a very dangerous game now, because they have responsive Russia, China and others is completely unpredictable.

So this is essentially brinkmanship now, we are at the area of brinksmanship at least in terms of a regional war.