Mexico paves its way into the 21 century with much controversy ………

this post ( in PDF) is in English Language and explains most of the election fraud  accusations

Fraud in mexican Elections (Press Release)


latest update


PREP 2012: ¿Fraude Cibernético “Reloaded”? »

update from Notimex : 2012-07-04,16:44

(still people are burning election material, this time in Yucatan)

Reportan quema de material electoral en localidad yucateca de Seyé


Fair Elections ? Instead of counting the votes, people burn them ? ……….

a few pics from the Elections Day

or left near the garbage (another via twitter/Tijuana ……

and more pics…………

those guys surely have fun…………….

What Fraud ?

the below is an amateur video of angry Voters who came  to vote but were send away and denied their right to vote …….

Ejemplo de Señora, Defiende sus Derechos Ante el Fraude Elecciones Mexico 2012 (VIDEO ORIGINAL)


VIDEO : only the blind cannot see ( some sort of resumen of the election controversy in spanish Language ) :

let’s start here first with a few updates from the Day After , 03 July 2012:

Post : Yucatan/Mx, Police took ballots with force ………

Con violencia policías estatales sustraen material electoral en Yucatán


Soriana Gate update …………:

latest, mié 4 jul 2012 18:26

Cierran otro Soriana en Iztapalapa tras escándalo de monederos electrónicos del PRI

and a little earlier today…..

Las acusaciones y desmentidos en torno a las tarjetas Soriana

vouchers for votes ?

Millions of Dollars in bribes ?

PRI Party suposedly bought votes with pre-paid gift cards valid in local Supermarkets worth 300 to 1500 mx pesos:


post about tumults at a Supermarket for the PRI pre-paid grocery vouchers for votes .

Tumultos en Soriana para canjear los votos por el PRI


post about : “More votes than voters” for the PRI candidate EPN shown at the electronic Prep poll .

The difference could be tracked due to compare Scratchboards at voting offices and IFEs Prep electronic polls :

update with a lot of evidence for “More votes than voters” and links to various state results : 2012 / 07 / 04  05.41 pm

PREP 2012 recibió sábanas de casilla con participación ciudadana que rebasa las listas nominales

here’s one from yesterday : México, DF, 3. of July

Detectan que en al menos 494 casillas se registró una votación de hasta 390% del número de electores del padrón

more evidence for “Morevotes than voters”  below .


here’s a post in spanish that “explains” how they did the fraud on the polls.

Escandaloso y monumental fraude Primaverano 2012


Hackers claimed they broke into the Mexican Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) website and uncovered evidence that the election’s organisers pre-issued a number of ballots in favour of the PRIs E. Peña Nieto .

Anonymous hacked IFE post here,

Anonymous hackea al IFE, “Todo sea por la democracia”

Anonymous claims the IFE Hack here .

here’s a pic from the hack (suposed real IFE poll at 00.11 am 07/02/2012)

and heres one from a bit later …………..

The leftist Candidate AMLO is in a clear lead against EPN  after more than 90% of votes counted ……….?


but there is more ………

here are some Pics comparing  Scratchboard vs Electronic Voting in Mexicos 2012 Election :

here for one exp.:  720 non existing votes for EP Nieto  the PRI candidate in the Prep el. poll .(click to enlarge)

here the leftist candidate AMLO has 81 votes at the scratchboard but in the Prep electronic voting capture he is “unvotable” and his 81 votes are declared void (Click to enlarge).

more evidence here

apart from Police that take ballots by force, hacking attacks against the IFE, faked electronic polls & burning ballots here is a post about armed men (no cops this time) who stole voting ballots in Guerrero State .

Sicarios roban urnas en comunidades de Guerrero

and here’s a youtube of ballots from the IFE being carried on the back of an PRI (EPNs Party)  pick up a day before the Elections .

Camioneta con propaganda de Peña Nieto transportando urnas y boletas del IFE en Jalisco; Denuncian

and here one more from Notimex/Veracruz: 2012-07-02,17:16

somebody stole the ballots ………….

Confirma IFE robo de paquetería electoral en Veracruz


German Der Spiegel writes (05.07.2012) :

here a post from turkish  Newspaper : , 04 July 2012

Accusations grow of vote-buying in Mexico election

and one from british blog :

Mexican election loser and Anonymous say vote was ‘fraudulent’


most of the stuff that is posted here, thanks to :


here’s a link to the countvoteforvote open prep poll at :

they are right now at 12% of counting the votes at 05.00 am 4th of July 2012 and people from all over the mexican republic are still helping with sending in photographic evidence from the ballot scratchboards .


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