Berlin, June 5, IRNA — Germany is openly violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) by selling submarines to Israel which can be modified to carry nuclear-tipped missiles, the Hamburg-based weekly news magazine stern said Tuesday.

1391/03/16 - 08:51

The NPT says ‘clearly’ that Germany is not allowed to deliver weapon systems which

could be fitted to deploy atomic weapons, it added.

Stern branded the German government ‘ruthless’ for going ahead with highly controversial Israeli submarine deal.

The Hamburg-based news magazine Der Spiegel reported Sunday Israel was secretly

equipping German-built submarines with nuclear missiles.

According to the paper, Germany was helping the Zionist regime to develop its

military nuclear capabilities.

The magazine quoted former high-ranking German defense officials as saying they had always assumed Israel would modify the submarines with nuclear weapons.

It also uncovered German foreign ministry documents which showed Berlin had known about Israel’s nuclear weapons programme since 1961.

The last high-level talks for which there is evidence took place in 1977, when

then-chancellor Helmut Schmidt discussed the issue with then-Israeli foreign

minister Moshe Dayan.

Meanwhile, Stern likened Berlin’s submarine sale to Israel to actions ‘by ruthless

arms dealers based in rogue states’ for whom a good business deal is more important

than right and morality.

The paper reminded also of the fact that Berlin does export weapons to dictatorial countries in the Mideast, among them Saudi Arabia and Bahrain which have used these arms to crack down on the opposition.