Saif Al Islam Speech Translated by اسكندر بيك
I’m speaking to you from area around Tripoli , I just like to assure all Libyan brothers today i went to Azizia we met people there and we met with Warshfana Tribe , and from Aldawahi alarbaa , and some areas around Tripoli , i meet lots people , we are fine , and we still fighting , and the victory will be declared , also we heard that Warfalla Tribe had a meeting because rats threaten this tribe the had decided and declared that they will fight rats , to hell NATO to hell rats , although NATO is killed many innocent people , And Fezzan still resist also they had meeting and decided that we will never give up and about the rats who threat people in Sirte City then ok come welcome to Sirte there is 20 thousand volunteers ready to fight you , also the leader is fine and we are all fine don’t worry about us , Also i have message to the people in Albeida and Toubrok and Zliten and Tripoli i tell you to move now , don’t miss this chance , attack rats now , you have to fight them day and night , everyone is Gaddafi , Everyone is Saif Islam , Everyone is Khamis , Also about Bab Azizia you are lairs because bab Azizia is destroyed completely because they attack it 64 times , inter or exist from it isn’t meaning anything , but this only to make people confused , i tell you that your army is fine and tribes still fine , i called all tribes and all the answer is go to hell we will never give up , NATO will leave soon , and big improve is the rats we killed on Alshat road is mercenaries from France , Italy , UK , Qatar and we will kill them , and all people who give up to rats they did it on purpose to protect their family , about NATO you are the most stupid people , even people who said that they are the leaders in Tripoli are from Al Qaeda and you support those members , today i went to Tribes of Warshfana in all ways i didn’t find any rats in my way ,they are afraid , and even in some areas in Tripoli i didn’t find any rats , I tell Bosliem And Alhadba prepare yourself ,Victory or Martyrdom .