An open letter to Tepco President, Masataka Shimizu

I apologize for not being able to speak your language; pehaps you speak mine.

Illusions can own us, and the truth can free us. I believe right from the beginning that you believed you were telling the truth, because you were speaking from within the realm of what is technically possible. No doubt you had your nuclear engineers advising you as to what was technically possible at Fukushima Diiachi. They were right.

When I heard of the type of apology you made, it hit my heart, and accelerated my search for the truth. At present I believe you are a victim of misinformation with regard to what really happened at Fukushima Diiachi. As far as your responsibility for what happened there, advisors within your company are probably right. There was no way this could have happened.

The disaster is exponentially worse than anything you know of, because you are still entrapped within the mindset of what is technically possible. But let me introduce a new perspective, which goes beyond the technical.

What if it was sabotage? What if an enemy nation triggered the earthquake and tsunami with a nuclear weapon in the deepest part of the ocean off the coast of Japan? What if people you trusted from outside your nation sabotaged the control systems with a virus, and over the year they were there, managed to rig the place with explosives, one of them nuclear? Does this not make more sense? Why was reactor 4 destroyed by an explosion? I have verified that you were truthful about reactor 4, it really was disassembled.

Do you realize that the people you trusted with the security of your facility maintained an internet datalink into the containment of reactor 3 until that massive explosion, and have actually told the Israeli press? Did you tell them they could have one, or are you still unaware?

The only thing that makes sense with how much went wrong is that the destruction was precisely managed from start to finish. It positively could not have been worse. That alone is suspicious. Reactor 3 is missing. Your employees may not think so, because the control room is still telling them it is there.

I have a question.

What if those people you trusted with security are still using that data connection to fool the instrumentation readouts? Think about that.

My heart goes out to the Fukushima 50. Indeed they do not know how bad this is. How hopeless this is, how damning this is.

I will never believe as long as I live that this incident was the fault of you, your employees, or the Japanese people. You did the honorable thing and apologized even in the face of the unknown, I know you have laid awake at night thinking and questioning over and over and over if this is real; honor is a top priority of Japanese culture, and this is all so impossible.

It was an act of war. Why did the containment of reactor 4 explode? How did hydrogen gas mixed with air atomize concrete? Atomizing concrete requires intense and focused explosive force, a force which cannot be achieved with an open air gaseous mix. Look for other answers. Trust your security to no one other than your own people. Never underestimate the evil other cultures are capable of. Don’t go through your life in a state of self blame.

I spent two years investigating the culture that did this to you, with the intention of being one of them. Two years with an inside perspective. I attended over a hundred meetings, read a lot of their literature, and after concluding that it is a culture capable of ANY type of evil, I left them. Consider that.

Your people have suffered an injury from their attack which I believe over time will prove itself to be the worst your nation has ever experienced. My heart goes out to the Japanese people, and I encourage them to look outward, not inward, for the answer to what happened at Fukushima.

I stand with you,

Jim Stone.

some of the evidence here :

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