Posted: 2011/08/04
From: Mathaba
Muammar Gaddafi to the people of Tarhouna on July 31, 2011
“Good afternoon sons of Tarhouna, the brave Tarhouna which routed the armies ofItaly, which is ready now to crush the forces of NATO. We were determined to crush this unjust campaign and to face up to this war which was imposed on us. The war which is being waged with the aim of killing us and occupying our country. Let the West know that we are ready to die in millions but we will not surrender in disgrace.Here are the people of Tarhouna in their millions. Who of the Libyan people did not go out to the streets to show support to the Leadership of al Fateh Revolution in defiance of NATO? Only less than 100,000 didn’t; they were forced to stay indoors under the threat of machineguns inBenghazi and Derna.These millions went out in the streets. Who represents the Libyan people? Only the Libyan people represent the Libyan people!

These demonstrations silence the enemy, they irritate them to the point that they wanted to bomb Libyan TV so that my voice does not reach these millions, so no one can see these millions in the streets demonstrating and defying. They wanted to obscure the picture of the millions, they wanted to obscure my voice, but my voice is in your ears and in your hearts.

These masses, if they march to Misrata, in a matter of hours they would free the imprisoned families there. The children of Misrata were taken hostage by the traitors and mercenaries. They were exposed, even NATO now knows these traitors are behind what is happening in Libya now.

On this occasion I say to you that our soldiers, the soldiers of the Saiqa and the Al Fadil regiment, are fighting against the traitors and the mercenaries. The masses in Benghazi are in action. The 7 April Camp was liberated and the revolutionaries released.

Forward, you soldiers of Saiqa and you soldiers of Al Fadil! Let the masses go out in concerted effort with the brave soldiers, so Libya can return as it was: free, dignified and peaceful, so that the bloodshed can be stopped.

The families in Misrata, our people in Misrata are being slaughtered. Women’s breasts were being chopped off. Let the masses march, this is the Revolutionary Youth, these are the Revolutionary Women, these are battalions who trained on arms and who are ready to fight.

If such march will set of from Tarhouna with arms, Misrata will be liberated and the traitors and agents will be surrendered and caught. Let the masses of Tarhouna, Bani Walid and Zlitan march to save our people in Misrata. Forward! Forward!”