Posted: 2011/07/02
From: Mathaba

Former CIA asset confirms that U.S. government agencies are working hand in hand with Al-Qaida, which Mathaba for years has been exposing as a CIA creation, to create chaos and terror which the globalist banker elites hope to take advantage of in resource-rich areas of the world
By Dennis SouthFrom the very beginning of NATO’s aggression, Colonel Gaddafi has been telling the entire world that the Bengazi traitors are Al-Qaeda terrorists and extreme Islamic fundamentalists of the most dangerous type.  And others, such as Dr. Webster Tarpleyhave been telling us the same thing, for months, and with great detail.

And now, a former CIA asset, Susan Lindauer, has boldly exposed the truth about the NATO-Benghazi conspiracy to destroy the Libyan Jamahiriya.  She reports that the United States is pulling troops out of Afghanistan so that it can INVADE Libya.  The American public, unfortunately, believes that the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan represents some kind of “positive” move by Obama.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

Ms. Lindauer said that, as a former CIA asset, she has “extremely good ties, and knowledge, and depth of resources inside Libya today.  What I’m finding is video documentation that NATO rebels are actually the same Al-Qaeda fighters that we’ve been dealing with in Iraq and Afghanistan, who’ve now come home to Libya…”

[NOTE: Gaddafi and the Libyan government had always been aware of the Al-Qaeda element in Benghazi, and had worked to keep them in check].

She continues, “Well first of all, I was directly involved in the 1990s operation to get terrorists out of Libya.  And I can assure you that all terrorists were removed from Libya by about 1998/1999.  Since then, Gaddafi, uh, Gaddafi, by the way, was the first [head of any] government to inform Interpol about Osama Bin Laden.

“Gaddafi is hated by Islamic fundamentalists, because he is a socialist Muslim, and he has a very different agenda that is not [the reactionary Islamists’ interpretation of] Shariah [Islamic law].  Gaddafi has a very strong record on women’s rights: Women have the right to education, hold propertly, divorce, hold jobs, have income–many rights that other women in the Arab world do not have.  So he is a moderate.  And he is not involved in any terrorism at all.  That [rumor] is absolutely foolishness.”

She continues, “I’m amazed.  I’m SO disappointed in Obama, that he is actually shifting resources to finance Al-Qaeda rebels, and to finance–to provide U.S. enforcement of the Al-Qaeda presence in Libya.”

She continues, “Now, I just want to tell you.  I want to tell your viewers. We have video documentation that is coming from the refugees fleeing the rebel strongholds.  And they’re bringing out video from their camera phones that they’re recording just on the sight; on the spot–videos of beheadings; videos of castration–castration [she repeats, in frustration]; [videos showing] where they are gouging out the eyes of men who oppose the Libyan rebels.  Women are being raped, and subjected to having their breasts cut off.”

One wonders what MORE the world needs than the testimony of one of the U.S. governments OWN FORMER CIA AGENTS, testifying that, 1.) Gaddafi is NOT some “brutal dictator”; 2.) The “rebels” are Al-Qaeda terrorists and extreme Islamic fundamentalists who would do ANYTHING, including gouge out a man’s eyes, and cut off a woman’s breasts, to enforce their distorted brand of Islam.

It is obvious, of course, that NATO and the U.S. care absolutely nothing about public opinion, or about being exposed openly by one of its own former CIA agents, and are continuing their aggression at this very moment.  Nevertheless, what is important is that the truth be put on the record for all to see.