The German Revolution was chikenshit in avoiding the 3. Zionist Reich & WW2 according to History ,lets see what the US can do to avoid a 4. Zionist Reich and WW3.

Ron Paul speaks on behalf :

Ron Paul: We Are Enabling A Future American Dictatorship

Section 1034 of the Defense Authorization bill that says were are at war with the “associated forces” of al Qaeda and the Taliban.

“Would it be so hard for someone in the government to target a political enemy and connect them to al Qaeda, however tenuously, and have them declared an associated force?” writes Congressman Paul.

Paul warned that future leaders will ” inherit all the additional powers we cede to the current position holders.”

Listen to the Congressman’s warning in full below:

remeber there are allready more than 800 FEMA concentration camps around the US to welcome you . (just Google it )

(i personally prefere to use an  IXQUICK search engine) .