In my own thoughts

Fact is :

that the UN ( United Nations )

are not an legitimate elected  Government by the people of the World so they can’t have the power to decide the faith of a sovereign Country like Libya or declare war on them (and so called >Airstrikes< are in some way a declaration of war .

Say no to the UN resolution 1973 .

say no to Invasion of soverign Countrys like Libya .

we have more than  1.400.000 deaths due to US/NATO Invasion in Iraq ( surely Gadaffi dosen’t have that much skeletons in his backyard but ,never mind ) .

Why nobody bothers about the  Iraqui Genocide of 1.400.000 deaths ?

to many Wars  and as Bob Marley said ;

so much trouble in the World .

Japan is a good distraction for invading right now .

stay alert .

……………………………………… be updated with INFO !

No more WAR !