Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wiki-L a clever way to sell Propaganda by sandwiching it in with the obvious.
Ryan Dawson
Wikileaks states things people ought to already know a long with some trivial gossip of things said in private and it’s a ploy. It’s saying hey you can trust me because I said bad things about the war. Now here is propaganda about Iran, 911, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda.
Ever hear the old “I robbed the bank but I didn’t shoot that guy inside it.” It’s admitting half a crime when you have to in order to avoid the worst portion of it.
What did wiki reveal?
Saudi Arabia has always been a hand in hand partner with Israel. It’s not like only Jews can be Zionist. Christians and Muslims can too. Creating an on going conflict is a cash cow for MICs and ties up the resources of political rivals. Less oil from Iran means more from Saudi Arabia. And the Monarchs that run that shit hole are bought and paid for by the US. The Saudi People Hate Israel, the government however are our group of bitches.
And wiki very much is zionist approved. Saying the Sauds want the US to attack Iran or the US kills civilians is no revelation it’s common fucking sense. Saying Hilary is psycho is something we all know and I am sure Obama didn’t lose any sleep over. But saying Osama is still alive and running “al qaeda” is called supporting bullshit propaganda, but gaining credibility by stating the obvious about the wars.

When Wiki-L first burst on the scene with full MSM cooperation this should have been a red flag much like the hijacking of the tea parties by Republicans. It showed a helicopter shooting at civilians on the internet. Unless you have your head in the sand you’ve been able to see videos like that and worse on the web for years, 100s of them. They’ve been on alt media sites since 2003. So why did this particular one get so much attention? Because it was Wiki-L. And it warrants suspicion. This wasn’t some grass roots thing it was a viral video that had all the media outlets spreading it around the day it came out. It had a clever name “wiki” like the bullshit encyclopedia which runs on the principle of mob rule editing.

Wiki-L (We Kill) is digging up raw documents many from brainwashed military sources which are just restating state propaganda but because it tosses a bone to the peace movement for street cred it is thus amplifying the state propaganda about the important things at the same time. Everyone knows the US has killed and tortured people in Iraq and Afghanistan there is no hiding it anymore so it doesn’t hurt to admit it. Because at the same time they get to float the “we are chasing al qaeda myth”

That’s what Wiki-L is. A psy ops or at least it’s how it is being used, else the MSM would never report on it. Same as they refuse to report on Israel’s occupation.

We are not chasing al qaeda. We are controlling the HBJ pipe line to India. Osama has nothing to do with why we are in Afghanistan and even less to do with why we are in Iraq.
Wiki-L though neutral, is going to get cherry picked in different ways. Bloggers will site atrocities, the MSM will restate the propaganda it finds and be able to say hey this is from Wiki L so you can trust it. And the TV will be the winner. Just like the tea part division. I will not believe that there wasn’t one Israeli whistle blower. You don’t really need a leaker to point out the openly visible atrocities in Israel or how Neocon propaganda led to the US’s war. Israeli sources lied about anthrax being transferred from Iraqis to 911 hijackers at a meeting in Prague. Every aspect of the claim including the meeting itself was false. THAT connected Iraq to 911 and THAT is what was used by Colin Powell in his speech to the UN to make the case for war where he held up a mock vile of anthrax, Image and THAT is what made Iraq in violation on UN res 1441. But this is Never explained it all just vaguely get blames on Bush being an idiot and liar.
There is opposition with in the two parties against the war. While the left screams no blood for Oil and the Right finally saying we can’t afford it, the origins of the war, it’s creators have quietly slipped away, the blame shifted down numerous avenues. You want to leak classified information how about the computer hard drives taken form urban moving systems or the film the Israels took of themselves dancing and flicking cigarette lighters in front of the smoking Twin Towers. Go after Grossman illegally trading nuclear secrets to Turkey and Israel. Find out where the Polonium came from that was sneaked into the UK. Look at Perle and Feith’s data mining and blackmail operation, look at the overwhelming conflicts of interests between Pentagon employees and profiteering in Iraq. Look into the FBI ordering the destruction of ames strain Anthrax. Look into the OSP regurgitating lies from PNAC papers in order to start a war and going as far as to falsify documents. Look into the DOD’s missing 2.3 trillion dollars and how key CFOs were killed on flight 77 that hit the pentagon. Look into the suicidings of Deborah Palfrey, David Kelly, Perry Mikesell, and Bruce Ivins. Look at the billionaires who made profits form 911 and were placed in charge of covering it up. Look at how the Fed won’t tell us where they have spent our money. If you have the attention of the masses, why not bring up these much bigger fish all of which we have documentation for. Because it’s a front.
We don’t need he said she said dribble. We don’t need the obvious horrors of war the prejudice and stupidity of what goes on on the ground. The over the top sexual charges place of J.A. are so transparent, so see through. It’s a play fight to make it look like they are at odds.
This thing stinks form top to bottom. A hacker who was never punished shows up dressed in white with white hair assisted by a gay whistle blower to poo poo the military… Well there went the left hook line and sinker. The hype for wiki leaks started by the MSM before they ever released anything of note. This is another “Joe Wilson” distraction from the larger picture. And with stories like Iran made suicide vest for al qaeda, and Iran has missiles from north Korea, why not add Iran wiped out the dinosaurs, and stole the body of Jimmy Hoffa… This is clear PROPAGANDA.
The administration had lost ALL credibility here is a way to repeat the same garbage under a new, clean white knight .

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