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The”Sith Lords” exposed by Alex Jones !


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‘Wall Street behind US wars’ – Stephen Lendman

Posted by sakerfa on November 12th, 2010

(PressTV) – The Wall Street banks are behind the US government’s policies, including decisions to go on war, a senior American journalist has told Press TV.

“The Wall Street banks have a controlling interest. They decide the way the country will be run, including waging wars,” Stephen Lendman, writer and radio host from Chicago told Press TV in a Wednesday interview.

“One reason for waging wars is they are so profitable. Not just to the defense contractors, [but also] to the big banks, to technology companies, all companies that supply goods and services including private contractors that have every incentive to want America to be in war,” he added.

During his two terms in office, former US president George W. Bush ordered invasions on Afghanistan and Iraq. The two wars resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Bush and former British prime minister Tony Blair justified the Iraq war by claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), which were never found.

In his recently released memoir Decision Points, Bush says he was shocked when WMDs were not found in Iraq.

“The plan to go to war with Iraq was already conceived. The blueprint was written. It was on the shelf ready to take out,” Lendman said.

Source: PressTV