Gordon Duff
Veterans Today
Sun, 10 Oct 2010 01:24 CDT


© Fox News

Do we all have to apologize to the Iranian president? Who’s going to tell Jon Stewart? Will he be less of a “bigot” now? Coincidences are piling up. Will he admit to his “anal/rectal confluence?”

Two weeks ago, President Ahmadinejad of Iran called for a UN investigation of 9/11. He was called a lunatic by President Obama. Now, Fox News, new owner of Farsi 1, Iran’s biggest entertainment network, has blown the lid off 9/11, calling it a “whitewash” and saying that the 9/11 Commissioners staged a coverup.

What can we say we have proven? Can we prove Israel was involved? No. Can we make a case, based on both direct testimony, documentary and circumstantial evidence, that they were involved and that failing to investigate this is part of a conspiracy? Yes.

Do we have to prove how it was done? No. Was Osama bin Laden involved? We don’t know. It depends. The only way he could have been involved is if he were still working for the CIA and under their control.

Who should the next guest be? Attorney General Eric Holder?

“Mr. Holder, based on what we have just heard from these two highly reliable sources, clear evidence of a massive criminal conspiracy within the United States government, how do you suggest dealing with this problem?”